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AR-15 Assault Rifles For Sale

Have you been having trouble finding AR-15 assault rifles for sale? AR-15′s are in high demand and can be difficult to find in the current political climate. Even many pistols including Glocks (considered the best concealed carry gun for some) can be hard to come by.

Do you have an AR-15 assault rifle in your arsenal yet? If you don’t, you should. Heres why…

The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M16/M4 family of rifles that are used by the U.S. military. These are excellent tactical and home defense weapons and are one of the most versatile rifles on the market today.

There is good reason why the military has been using this platform for so long. It simple, lightweight, easy to use, and can be modified for a number of different applications.

Customizing The AR-15 Assault Rifle

AR’s are all about customization. Literally everything on this gun can be swapped out including lights, lasers, rails, optics, and the list goes on. Even the barrel and gas system can be changed with different sizes. This requires a few tools but it’s not difficult and doesn’t take long.

What many people will do is actually have two different upper receivers that they can swap out with a single lower receiver. This essentially gives them two different guns for different applications without having to spend the money on a second lower receiver. For instance a shooter could have one upper receiver with a 18″-20″ barrel set up for mid-long range shooting and another upper with a 10.5″ shorty set up for shooting on urbanized terrain and room entry tactics.

I suggest building your own AR-15 assault rifle for a customized rifle that fits your needs exactly. You can save a little money doing it this way too. check out my article on how to build your own AR.

Mil-Spec Vs. Commercial AR-15 Assault Rifle

The mil-spec rifles are chambered in 5.56 NATO but will accept the cheaper .223 ammunition as well. The commercial rifles will only accept .223 and are not meant to withstand the higher chamber pressure of the 5.56 ammo. In short, the Mil-spec guns are a much higher quality rifle that are built to military specifications. Even if you plan on only shooting .223 ammunition it’s still recommended that you go mil-spec. It is a better investment for you and will last longer.

ar15 Assault Rifles For Sale

AR-15 Assault Rifles for sale

If you are looking for a good mil-spec dealer I would have to recommend Bravo Company USA. These guys sell all the accessories as well as complete rifles and their manufacturing process is top notch. All components manufactured by Bravo Company are high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected (HPT/MPI) which means you can beat the HELL out of this gun and it will still function just fine. These rifles are made for abuse.

Where to Find AR-15 Assault Rifles For Sale

You want to decide what options you want your rifle to have before you go out and spend a bunch of money on a rifle that doesn’t suite your needs. Many times buying a complete rifle and then modifying it to what you want is more costly than just building the gun yourself.

Personally, I like to build my AR’s. They are very simple to put together and only require a few tools. When I’m done with my rifle, I have exactly what I want. But this may not be the best option for everyone.

If you’re not interested in building your own assault rifle, consider the EAG tactical carbine from BCM. This rifle comes with a 14.5″ upper receiver with a mid length gas system which is preferred over the carbine length gas systems because it offers lower muzzle rise for quicker follow up shots and helps you maintain a more stable shooting platform (read my report on mid-length vs. carbine length gas systems). The LaRue free-float rail offers undisturbed barrel harmonics which allows for a greater level of accuracy. The rifle also comes with some of the best components in the industry from manufactures such as BCM, Magpul, LaRue, TangoDown, VTAC, and Surefire. In addition they offer a $200 certificate towards training with EAG tactical owned by Pat Rogers. The rifle sells for just under $2,000 which is a little steep even for mil-spec gun but considering the components of the rifle, the value cannot be beat.

I do not personally own the EAG rifle but I do know and have worked with literally every component on that gun and can vouch for it that way. You can also find AR-15 assault rifles for sale and other components at Brownell’s, I highly recommend them if your shopping for anything related to guns – They have it all.

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